What We Believe


To transform lives to be conformed to the image of Jesus Christ by the powerful teaching and preaching of the Word of God.


To empower many to "Be the Light" as instructed in Matthew 5:14, Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. To influence generations by the power of our vision and modeling the way, by providing effective tools to maximize personal and spiritual growth. To impact the community and the world in the spirit of excellence by demonstrating the love of God at any cost.


The Bible

That The Bible Is The Inspired, Infallible, Inerrant Word Of God In Its Original Text And That It Is The Sole Authority In All Matters Of Faith, Life And Practice:

One God

That There Is One God, Eternally Existing In Three Persons; God, The Father; God, The Son; And God, The Holy Spirit. These Three Are Co-Equal And Have Distinct Personalities:


That The Lord Jesus Christ Is The Eternal Son Of God, That He Was Conceived By The Holy Spirit, Born Of A Virgin, Lived A Sinless Life, Wrought Signs, Wonders And Miracles, Was Crucified, Died For The Sins Of Mankind, Shed His Blood, Was Buried, Rose Bodily From The Dead On The Third Day, Ascended To The Right Hand Of God, The Father, And Will, Soon, Personally Return In Power And In Glory To Receive His Bride, The Church, The Body Of Christ:

Holy Spirit

In The Personal And Present Work And Ministry Of The Holy Spirit, Who, In Addition To Being The Operating Agent In The Redemption Of Mankind, Is Also The Superintendent Of The Church And The Comforter Of The Believer. The Holy Spirit Also Convicts Of Sin, And, By Whose Indwelling, Enables Christians To Live Sanctified, Holy, Pure, Righteous, Godly And Victorious Lives, And By Whom The Church, The Body Of Christ, Is Empowered To Fulfill The Great Commission:


That Man Was Created As A Direct Act Of God And Was Without Sin, Made In The Image And Likeness Of God, But That, Through Disobedience, Man Fell And Became Depraved In Nature, Sinful In Conduct, Spiritually Dead And Lost:

Salvation Is By Grace

That Salvation Is By Grace; Through Faith In The Atoning Sacrifice And Shed Blood Of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God And That Repentance Is Commanded Of By God To All And Is Necessary For The Forgiveness Of Sin And That, As A Result, The Penitent, Trusting Sinner Is Renewed In Nature, Changed In Conduct, Born Again And Brought Into The Family Of God:


In Entire Sanctification, Subsequent To Salvation By Faith In The Blood Of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God, Through The Bible, The Word Of God And By The Power Of The Holy Spirit:

Bible Based Holiness

That Christ Conformed, Holy Spirit Developed, And Bible Based Holiness Is God's Standard Of Living For Every Believer, Individually, And For The Church, The Body Of Christ, Corporately:

Speaking In Other Tongues

In The Baptism In The Holy Spirit Subsequent To A Clean Heart And That Speaking In Other Tongues As The Spirit Of God Gives Utterance Is The Initial Evidence Of This Baptism; In The Manifestation Of The Fruit Of The Spirit In And Through The Walk Of The Believer; And In The Demonstration Of The Gifts Of The Spirit In And Through The Work Of The Believer:

Divine Healing

That Divine Healing Is Provided For In The Atoning Sacrifice Of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God:

Water Baptism By Immersion

In Water Baptism By Immersion And That According To The Bible, The Word Of God, All Who Repent Through And In The Name Of The Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God, Should Be Baptized In The Name Of The Father, And Of The Son, And Of The Holy Ghost:

The Lord's Supper And Feet Washing

 In The Lord's Supper And In The Washing Of The Saints' Feet:

Second Coming

The Pre-Millennial Second Coming Of The Lord Jesus Christ In Power And In Glory, First To Resurrect The Righteous Dead And To Catch Away The Living Saints To Himself, And Secondly, To Reign On The Earth For A Thousand Years:

Bodily Resurrection

In The Bodily Resurrection Of Both The Saved And The Lost; The Saved Unto The Resurrection Of Life Eternal And The Lost Unto The Resurrection Of Damnation: