Love Wins

"Charity Never Faileth"

The LoveWINS Movement:

1 Corinthians 13:1-8 speaks on love in many capacities. During a very difficult time in the lives of myself and Pastor Lee, God lead me to this chapter. The direction was only given after days of tears and prayers for strength. I would have never imagined being in that place after the recent passing of the only Pastor I had ever known, the Great Apostle Lawrence Bogier, Jr. After numerous, repeated readings of those versus, the load of hurt, mourning, and grief BROKE! The words "Charity never faileth" stood out and healed me instantly. I arose with understanding that Love won on the cross two thousand years ago and it Wins even NOW! Love covers anything! I began to exert my energy on loving everyone regardless of what or how the situation appeared. It was only then that healing took place and God revealed GREATER to me and my husband. I understood clearly that God rescued us to make us rescuers. I understood that he allowed these things to occur knowing that "we" would not curse him and die. I understood from that moment on that he was confident that even in that, "we" would give God the glory. He trusted us, and I still trusted him. Yes, we must share this world with evil but still remain focused that Love triumphs evil, so therefore, #lovewins.

​Loving God even the more,
Lady Lee

​PS. #lovewins Book and Devotional coming!

Love Wins